Thursday, August 2, 2007

And they said hoomans were better than animals

Mumsy was doing her usual surfing (the one that doesn't involve water) this afternoon when all of all sudden, I heard her spluttering indignantly. I perked up my ears and to my surprise, she started cursing and swearing. To my knowledge, nobody else was there with her! Then she called me in and showed me this.

And I was horrified to my bones!

The reports of abuses on animals by the so-called superior race, the hooman beeings. I was appalled at the stories written. Dogs that were locked up for months without water or food died horrible deaths, cats being thrown into some washing machine, I am sure not to wash him, horses' hooves not trimmed for months! I was totally disgusted with these hoomans!

Mum was especially affected by the story of three crossed terriers being abandoned by their owner when they moved. Two of them died and the last one only survived because he ate his dead friends! I can't imagine myself eating Chester at all, no matter how hungry I am! The only good thing was that this puppy was rescued in time.

I wonder if these people were really hoomans or some alians inhabiting beneath their fur. Because I have seen really nice hoomans and I can't believe hoomans are capable of hurting so many animals. Mummy explained that there are eediots out there, just like there are dogs that are mean and agressive.

I think when I get my dinner tonight, I will say a prayer for all the poor animals and be thankful that I have plenty of food and water everyday.


Dexter.Yew said...

Cool down Cody! Let God handle the hoomans. Be glad u got mum and dad. Pls don't try to wondering off because u don't know who are the bad hoomans. Peace bro!

Cody, THE Fussy Pot Pants said...

Yeah Dexter.. Now I am a bit suspicious of other hoomans. I give them my evil eye!

I really pity those animals. So I made sure I finished all my food at every meal.

Furby said...

sigh... now i let big g trim my claws liao...