Sunday, August 12, 2007

Mixed emotions

Daddy reappeared late Wed night, much to my delight! Had a good time playing with him before Mumsy packed me to bed. Knowing that Daddy was back made me sleep better that night. However, the next morning, I woke up at my usual time and my hoomans were still sleeping! They slept till the sun burnt their butts before waking up and feeding me my breakfast. I am still protesting against my yucky food cos I want my chicken drummets and lamb meatballs! In the end, Mum had to handfeed me before I managed to finish my breakfast. Well, actually Mumsy bribed me. She said if I finished my food, she will bring me out that afternoon.

The hoomans brought me to the beach! There were so many other hoomans there too! Even those smart tiny ones! I was so excited that I promptly dumped a load of crap! I saw other doggies there including one big corgi! The hoomans found a good spot to sit and while Daddy went to buy food, Mumsy and I played ball. There were two tiny hoomans watching me do my tricks and I liked hearing them laugh when I managed to catch the ball!

This is the first time I have been to the beach when the sun is still out! I finally saw the sea and boy, it looks scary. Daddy brought me down to the sand for a walk and tried to lead me into the waters but each time a wave came, I would promptly run the opposite direction! Call me a coward, but I don't think I am ready to master swimming just yet! However, everything tasted salty. The grass, the sand and the water! I never tasted anything so salty before! Hence I was drooling all over. Mumsy made sure that I had enough water to drink and even remembered to bring some of the yummy cookies and chicken jerky for me.

After some time, the corgi I noticed came over to say hello. There were two other doggies but they didn't seem to want to make friends and ignored me. Only the corgi came over to sniff me and I did the same too. My hoomans spoke to his hooman for a bit before they went off for a walk. Daddy too brought me for a long walk while Mumsy just sat there and bury her nose in another book. I saw many other doggies along my walk, but I was too engrossed in exploring the beach and sniffing other hoomans' stuff so I just ignored them. Well, I think I am still kinda small to be playing with those big retrievers! They would probably just squash me like an ant!

We left when the sun disappeared and I was tired by then. It was a wonderful day to be close to my two hoomans and exploring a new place.

On another note, Mumsy just told me that Trax, the grandpa of all corgis left us to go to Doggie Heaven this morning. I just saw him at the dog walk last Sunday and wanted him to teach me to be a samseng! My Mummy says he is at a better place now, waiting for his Mummy patiently. I can't imagine a place that is supposed to be nice, yet without my hoomans. I guess when the day finally comes, I would know.

Goodbye Trax! We will meet again!

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