Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Dog walk

The dog walk was fun! I never seen so many doggies in so many shapes and sizes in my life! But instead of going crazy, I was very well behaved. Cos Mumsy put on the painful training collar on me and if I ran around making friends, my neck would suffer.

My hoomans picked up Auntie Claudine and Prince William before the dog walk and I started my nonsense immediately! I scrambled to try to get to them in the car, and in the process I scratched Mummy quite badly. In my struggle, I accidentally hit the stick in the car and Daddy had to stop the car for me to calm down. I think I scared Auntie Claudine quite a bit with my over eagerness! Dad dropped us off at the starting point and we met up with Auntie Grace and Furby. Furby was in a stroller! That lazy Furby! Auntie C put Prince William in there too! That 2 lucky dogs, didn't have to waste a single ounce of energy walking! But I enjoyed myself tremendously, sniffing at other doggies' butts. I got chased by a BIG St. Benard! I keep getting chased by bigger doggies!

At the end of the walk (which was easy for me), Mumsy called Dad and found him and the car stuck in the mud. Dad was kinda annoyed so Mumsy had to help him get unstuck. There were some really helpful hoomans who tried their best to help us too. I must thank them for their help cos if they didn't we wouldn't be able to get out.

We went back to the party but I could feel that Daddy was still annoyed. Mumsy left me with some of the SOCK members while she went to look around. I saw my bro, Chester, looking all spiffy and smelling nice cos Uncle Ian brought him grooming! That lucky guy! Then there was another Chester, also a corgi whom Mummy was petting. He chased me away and promptly sat at Mummy's feet! I was jealous but Chez Bond (that's how we differentiate him from the rest) was too intimidating. Luckily Mummy didn't stay long and brought me to where Dad and Auntie C was. Silly Mum forgot her coo-poon so she couldn't redeem the goodie bag! I put my snout in Auntie C's and saw so many goodies! Why am I stuck with silly, forgetful hoomans?

Mumsy made up that mistake by getting me a big bagful of doggie cookies and lamb meat balls from US Doggie Bakery! I decided to be generous and shared my loot with Prince William. I could see he had a bit of problems eating them but nonetheless he was enjoying himself!
I saw Auntie Shannon and Big Chester there too.. My idol was there to perform his mean frisbee tricks! Being so short, I didn't manage to catch the whole performance. Lucas was there too and he made Chuckles do amazing tricks! I can't wait to grow up and learn all these cool stuff!

We left early since Daddy was still a lil' annoyed and Auntie C had to get back early too. I was very tired by then and was looking forward to snooze in my lil' hidey-hole. Here are the peektures of the dog walk! From top to bottom: me in the car, me trying to offer my paw to Mumsy so that I can get the darn cookie from her hands, Prince William and I, me and my spiffy bandana. Ham-some or not? Last peekture is all my cookies! Mumsy hid some away in my hidey-hole this morning before she left. I had fun looking for them and munching them up!


Benhur Xobile said...

Wow! You guys such had fun huh. *complain* Mummy and Daddy had many things to do in preparation for the shop so we didn't go. And something about mozzies.

Well, I shall dream a happy dream now to comfort myself.

Cody, THE Fussy Pot Pants said...

Yeah Benny, I missed you. I didn't really enjoyed myself (except the part where I got all the cookies) cos Mummy put me on a training collar!

Shall I keep a cookie for you? You don't mind if I drool all over it?

Ume said...

hiya Cody,
i was at the NDW too! i think i actuali saw u, cos i heard your Mumsy called your name, n i turned ard n saw a Corgi who looked juz like u!

my Jiejie din get me any cookies from US Doggie Bakery, but she got me the lamb meat balls & meat loaf for din din.

i saw the St. Bernard too! but he wasnt as interested in me :(

Cody, THE Fussy Pot Pants said...

Ume, u were there too??? I wished we arranged to meet!

Ooh i got the yummy meat balls too.. U know i like them so much that I have refused to eat my kibbles for the past 2 meals? Mummy took them away and now I am regretting my actions.

I am hungry!

chester.hi-flyer said...

eat more, little one! and when you grow big enough, i'll teach you and your bro how to play frisbee so you guys can take over me and chuckle when we retire...hehe!


Cody, THE Fussy Pot Pants said...

Well if Mummy gave me yummy meat balls or chicken drummets or cookies at every meal, I will definitely eat more. But it's the yucky brown stuff again!


I can't picture how a short-legged canine do frisbee... I think I would look ridiculous.