Thursday, August 9, 2007

Another missing hooman

My hoomans keep disappearing from me! This time it's Daddy who just poofed into thin air! Mummy explained that he had to serve the nation, whatever that means, hence it would be just me and her for the next couple of wheeks! I am in two minds of just staying with just Mumsy. I mean she gives me yummy treats to eat everyday BUT she doesn't hesitate to spank me if I don't behave. Like what happened to me after the last two meals. After the nice tasting drummets for dinner on Sunday and the yummy lamb meatballs on Monday, she served me just plain keebles last night. I threw a tantrum and refused to eat it, even though the yummy Ovenbaked keebles were mixed in there. She waited for 15 mins, before taking away my food bowl. When she took it away, I changed my mind and ran after her but she didn't turn back and gave me back an empty food bowl. I had to go to bed hungry.

This morning I decided that Mumsy's breakfast was more interesting than mine so I ran around her trying to get a bite out of it. I clambered, shed and drooled all over her until she got mad and spanked me. Hey, it isn't my fault that she woke up late! She again waited 15 mins for me to finish my food and took it away when time was up! I wasn't too concerned cos the last couple of days, she left the delishcious cookies hidden around my hidey-hole. I thought today would be the same but Mumsy didn't! She said since I wasn't hungry for my keebles, I wouldn't be hungry for cookies either. What a mistake! I am so hungry now!

Well I think I better distract myself. Last night Uncle Martin came over. I have decided, my hoomans are welcome to go to Uncle Martin's shop but Uncle Martin is NOT welcome to come over to where I live! Cos when Uncle Martin comes, it means nail cutting time. I absolutely hate getting my nails cut! I struggled and struggled, each time the nail clipper went 'click', I would scream. I mean it doesn't hurt (if Uncle Martin's doesn't cut the quick by mistake) but I thought if I act like it is painful, Mumsy would take pity on me and stop him from cutting my nails. It didn't work cos Mummy only held me tighter. I even attempted to bite her hands but was rewarded with her holding me even tighter!

The only good thing about Uncle Martin's visits are the great stuff he brings! Yesterday's stuff were 2 bags of Ovenbaked keebles, 2 big bags of rawhides and a huge bottle of shampoo. Erm, not sure if the last one is a good thing for me cos I don't like getting showered either. My housemates got stuff too! Their big bag of pellets came but Uncle Martin forgot their hay. Come to think of it, I should pity my housemates. Cos nobody in the right frame of mind, doggies or otherwise, can eat those pellets they do! Urgh... Gimme meat anytime!

I guess this is a good time as any to introduce my housemates. They are supposedly peegs but I always thought peegs were pink and much larger than they are. Scrappy is a smooth coat, grey haired peeg that is friendlier while the other is Scruffy, a rex, that is currently sporting a funky multi-coloured coat. Both of them are sisters but for some strange reason they can't stand the sight of each other. Mummy had no choice but to separate them. Scruffy is fiercer and well, more cranky. When it is time for them to have their houses changed, Mummy would allow me to sniff at the both of them. I don't like licking Scruffy as much as I like licking Scrappy! I think it's becos I am afraid that Scruffy would bite my tongue off!

Here's a peekture of my housemates and I. Scrappy is the one that has more grey while Scruffy is more white. Daddy was so afraid I would pounced on them and have them for dinner! Sometimes I think hoomans look down on us doggies. We don't eat our friends!


fee said...

omdog, how many days have you gone without food, how unthinkable, my poor, poor cody!!!

your scruffy and scrappy are cute; they remind me of my pet wabbits, peepee and poopoo.

please update soon and let us know if you've eaten. act faster the next time ok, otherwise the bowl will be emptied again!!!


Cody, THE Fussy Pot Pants said...

Hi Fee, I didn't finish my dinner last nite again. I have decided, I don't want my Ovenbaked keebles anymore.

But this morn, Mumsy actually sat there and handfed me the keebles one by one and I finished it up. Mumsy said she will get my old keebles back (the one I used to hate) when she visits the shop tomorrow.

See I am a fussy pot pants when it comes to food.