Friday, August 17, 2007


I'm bored!

Daddy isn't around to play with me and I am bored playing with Mummy. Even a dog can only play so many rounds of fetch before the novelty wears off. Of cos, I don't mind running arounf the house just to keep Mummy entertained but I get tired too, you know. The only plus point is that Mummy takes me out on extra long walks so I have been sleeping very well.

I am still on my hunger strike, but more often than not, I cave into the temptation of the aromatic keebles mixed with Nupro. I mean after thumbing my nose up on the keebles in the morning, you can't expect me not to eat dinner right? I can only hope that Mummy don't notice the occasional lapse in willpower. I still want my chicken drummets and lamb meatballs! My hoomans forgot to give me the chicken drummets last Sunday! But then again, I didn't go to school either. Chester and I both skipped school cos Uncle Ian was away and my Daddy was too tired to get out of bed. Hopefully, this Sun my Daddy will have enough energy to bring me to school!

Mummy came home last night smiling ear to ear. She said she has some good news to tell me, but until she can confirm it, she won't say it. I wonder what is the news about? May be she is going to tell me that she managed to secure a lifelong supply of chicken drummets for me and I don't have to eat keebles anymore!

I don't have anything else to post cos I am leading such a boring life. Time to go back and face the boredom. *groan*


Ume said...

i hope u get your chicken drummets n lamb meatballs soon! dat would throw any boredom out of the window!

Pee.S: i juz knew of Trax's departure today. he will be healthy again, n having lotsa fun & treats over at the Rainbow Bridge, while waiting for his hoomans patiently...

Cody, THE Fussy Pot Pants said...

I don't think so Ume... Overheard Mumsy telling Daddy that she won't give me anymore yummy food until I go off my hunger strike.

Yups, Grandpa Trax will be missed.

Dexter.Yew said...

Sigh... I know your point exactly.
It is difficult to appreciate kibbles after tasting better things that I call "real food".

I have learnt not to mess with my parents. The faster you comply, the earlier you will get your occassion chicken drummets and all.

Benhur Xobile said...

kibbles, food, anything is great!
Chomp Chomp!!!! Wee!!!!
Hope the news you get is fantastic!

Cody, THE Fussy Pot Pants said...

Dexter, I gave up aft a week of eating incomplete meals and forgoing my cookies. So I got my drummets yesterday.. BUT i resumed my strike this morning. Why can't those silly hoomans just feed what we like to eat?

Benny, no news yet. I don't have your appetite.. Do you have worms in you to help u eat? heehee.. oops i drooled so much over the cookie I was saving for ya that I thought I better eat it up. *blush*