Sunday, August 26, 2007


Fee's warning came too late... Getting micro-chipped has nothing to do with chocolate chips! It was a tad painful in fact!

My usual Doc Dog wasn't around today and in her place was this pretty young thing! I wanted to impress her by being on my bestest behaviour (actually I was on my painful collar again). Daddy was the one that had to hold me and before I knew it, something painful entered the area somewhere between my shoulders. I gave a quick yelp but the pretty young thing told me it was done and gave me a rub. I mistrust her after that as Mumsy always says don't judge a book by its cover (although in this case it was a hooman). She then came after me with this metal thing and I ran away from her (the vet was trying to take his shoulder height for his license with a metal tape)! Daddy had to hold on tight to me so I protested by sitting down... Took them quite a bit to get whatever bits of my vital statistics. Oh yeah, the pretty young thing also felt me up! I was so embarrassed cos she left her hands there for an extended period of time while she chatted with Mumsy! Then the spotlight was off me and on Scruffy, my housemate, who was feeling under the weather.

I was glad to leave Doc Dog's place. I keep forgetting that each time I go there, it always ends with me traumatised. If this continues, my hoomans better have a sum of money for me to go for therapy!

I thought we were going home but Dad drove us to some place I never been before! Mumsy explained that the veehicle needed some repairs so Dad was to drop us off at Grandmama's place! I was apprehensive when Mumsy opened the door. The place smelled so clean that I didn't dare to put my paws in. I stuck close to Mumsy as Grandmama came and talk to me. She smelled cleaned too. After awhile, the hoomans brought me down to the garden and Mumsy let me off my leash! I went crazy chasing her around garden. It was so good to be able to run around without the leash though I made a point to stick close to Mumsy as I wasn't familiar with the place. I slowly got used to Grandmama and when Mumsy was too tired to play, I pottered around Grandmama while she did her gardening. Grandmama was trying to tell me to "Sit" but I don't know why it sounded like "Sheet"! Took me 3 times before I got her meaning! She said if I listened to her, I'll get to visit her more often. With a big garden like hers, of cos I will listen to her and tried to curry favour her by sitting at her feet. I thought I could get into her good books if I gave Grandpapa a lick too! Grandpapa said I was fat though, which I promptly tried not to laugh as I am anything but fat! Well, he did make it up by saying I got a gorgeous coat.

I got home completely tired. Even though today's trip started out painful, I got to run around a nice patch of garden and meet two new hoomans which I like very much. I hope Mumsy will bring me to Grandmama's place more often!


Benhur Xobile said...

Dude! You are chipped, you'll be registered soon. Stay a good boy and keep quiet ok?
Hope to meet you look so much bigger than the last time we played together. =)

Dexter.Yew said...

It is ok buddy! It is part of growing pains. You are lucky you got this once. I had it twice becos they said they could not locate the 1st one. But mum said it is for my good. So listen to your mum when she say eat this or that ok. See u soon.

Cody, THE Fussy Pot Pants said...

Yups Benny, when can I see you again? Will ur mummy's shop opening have a big hooha? am I invited?

Dexter, u did it twice? Ouch! it must have hurt. What happened to the first one? Ur hungry tummy swallowed it down? heehee...

Ume said...

keke... u r now a beep-beep pup!
your Grandmama's place sounds great!

Cody, THE Fussy Pot Pants said...

Ume, do u beep too?

I will try to weasel my way into getting Mumsy to bring me there soon. This time I will make sure she remembers to bring the camera!